Classic Wonder Woman Headshot Girls T-Shirt


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Classic Wonder Woman Headshot Girls T-Shirt

If you’re a true Wonder Woman fan, then this Wonder Woman t-shirt is especially for you. The shirt features Wonder Woman’s headshot from the classic comic book series. It is truly a piece of collectible clothing for Wonder Woman fans everywhere. Show off your girl power with this awesome t-shirt and let all the kids at school know that you’re a true Wonder Woman fan. Diana will be so happy to know she has another sister in arms.

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  • I noticed this Wonder Woman shirt says its a girls size but I am a huge fan and wondering if a size small woman could get away with wearing this and it would fit?

    The extra large girls size would most likely be the best fit for sizing. Keep in mind, it may be form fitting snug but that should do the trick. If you love Wonder Woman, go for it!

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