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3 Top Valentines Day Gifts and Ideas

3 Top Valentines Day Gifts and Ideas

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3 Top Valentines Day Gifts and Ideas

It’s love month once again, the popular season to shower your special one with gifts that come from the heart.

Do you have any gift ideas yet?

They say it’s “the thought that counts”—but gift-giving is a meaningful symbol of your affection, care and love to people that matter a lot.

Since the trend this year focuses on sustainability and conscious consumerism, here are the 3 best gifts for Valentine’s Day—guaranteed eco-friendly, inexpensive and heartwarming:

  1. Shampoo bars

Shampoo bars are basically your shampoo shaped into bars. The goal is to spend as less waste as possible, so these don’t come in plastic bottles. The best thing about shampoo bars is that they last so long—one small bar can last for several months!

Other variants inspired by the shampoo bar include conditioner bars and toothpaste tablets. They’re just your regular products—without the packaging and nasty chemicals. These are indeed some of the most novel and meaningful gifts for Valentine’s Day.

These unique gifts for her are useful, natural and promote a zero-waste lifestyle. Level up your gift-giving by adding a set of bamboo straws or wooden utensils!

  1. Wooden toiletry box

Gifts for men are often harder to choose than women. Men, in general, have less complicated lifestyles than women, but what could possibly be a useful gift? Perhaps a wooden toiletry box is one of the best gift ideas you can consider.

A rustic, attractive box that looks bold is one present that’s perfect for men of all ages. Best for toiletries like grooming accessories, they’re also great as a kitchen or car accessory. It’s lightweight, practical and easy to clean—your man will surely thank you for it.

To make your gift extra special, consider engraving the box with a personalized note, or add a gift certificate inside the box.

  1. Succulent plants

These gift ideas are the most versatile gifts you can give to just about anyone. For your family, friends, teachers, your go-to hairdresser—nothing can be more uplifting than giving them a beautiful plant.

These make wonderful gifts for her—for your wife, girlfriend, mother or sister. Succulents are a perfect addition to brighten any home. If you’re struggling to find gifts for him, giving a small pot of succulent plant will make any husband, boyfriend, father or brother happy, too.

Succulents are easy to maintain. You can water them just once a week, and make sure they’re exposed to decent sunlight. This is definitely one plant that even children can learn to take care of.

When giving succulents as gifts for Valentine’s Day, don’t forget to include care instructions. While you’re at it, tie a small, handwritten note around the pot for a more personalized feel.



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