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Get your Christmas shopping on

Get your Christmas shopping on

Get your shopping on and shop for gifts at our unique online gift shop. Shop online with us for unique gifts and ideas! Choose from our incredible selections of amazing gifts for birthday at our unique gift websites store. You will love our unique birthday gifts, random gifts, Christian gifts, funny gifts, unusual gifts and so much more.

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Just how great things can be this holiday season

Just how great things can be this holiday season

Just how great things can be this holiday season. Celebrate the holidays in style. Enjoy unique gifts, clothing, household items, and fashion accessories at the Incredible Gift Shop. We sell incredible gifts and offer free shipping every day. Take a look around our store and buy yourself something incredible today.


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This is how great it...

This is how great it...

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A Unique Gifts Website

A Unique Gifts Website

unique gifts website


Welcome to the Online Gift Store! We are a unique gifts website designed for all of the cheerful givers of the world who love sharing gifts with people every day.

The Incredible Gift Store offers a huge selection of highly sought after, one of a kind unique and unusual gifts to help you find that perfect gift for anyone on your shopping list. Celebrate the joy of giving and shop online with us for gifts for yourself or those you care about.

What better way to say "thank you" than with a gift?  Feel free to shop for yourself or a friend. Whether your gift search involves birthdays, surprises & holidays -- we've got you covered. Unique gifts to share that show how much you care!

African Black Soap for Eczema

African Black Soap for Eczema

African black soap for eczema

Get the African black soap for eczema available in-store!

Anyone battling with eczema can attest to how difficult it is to manage. It is upsetting, uncomfortable, and awkward at the same time.

In between flare-ups, you feel quite normal. But when it strikes—you wish you knew what triggered it.

Unfortunately, eczema can’t be fully prevented when we can’t fully control our body and environment. Diet, medications, stress, other medical conditions—these are all eczema triggers.

Apart from avoiding such triggers, you should know that there are safe yet inexpensive ways to manage the symptoms. One of these solutions is the African black soap.

Curious? Let’s learn more about the benefits of African black soap for eczema:

1. It’s antimicrobial

Since itchiness if a common symptom of eczema, we can’t help but scratch it. The more you scratch—the higher chance of an open wound. The more open wounds—the higher risk for infection.

African black soap, commonly known as black soap, contains coconut oil which has high amounts of medium-chain triglycerides. Coconut oil itself contains antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties.

Because of its antimicrobial power, using African black soap for acne is also common among those with chronic acne problems.

2. It’s best for all skin types

There’s the impression that soap is drying for the skin, but not black soap.

Coconut oil is a fantastic moisturizer. Other than that, black soap also contains cocoa—another great moisturizer. 

So if you have eczema, and you’re worried about your skin type whether dry, oily, or combination, black soap will still work wonders for you. 

But the black soap benefits don't stop here.

Let’s not forget that black soap also contains Shea which adds moisture to your skin. And no—it won’t make your skin oily because coconut oil prevents overactive oil glands.

3. It’s soothing

When eczema is at its peak, the inflammation can be really tough to manage.

The combination of super ingredients in black soap—coconut oil, cocoa, Shea butter, palm tree leaves—make it a winning regimen for fighting itchiness and irritation.

You can also do an oatmeal scrub. Oatmeal is very soothing to the skin and encourages faster healing.

4. It’s a great anti-aging solution

Remember that as we age, we lose collagen in the process. This protein holds our structures—joints, skin, hair, and nails.

Coconut oil and Shea butter are two of the best natural anti-aging ingredients out there.

These substances encourage new development of collagen so you can look a lot younger. With long-term use, black soap can improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

At Incredible Gift Shop, we have the black soap available in-store, which you can give to your wife, mother, girlfriend—or just about anyone who wants a soothing skin fix. 

Our black soap is ethically sourced from Ghana, where local women make it by burning Shea butter, palm oil, cocoa butter, coconut oil, and plantain. The ashes are what gives the soap its distinct almost-black color.

Get your first purchase of African black soap at Incredible Gift Shop. 100% natural, vegan, and fair-trade!

Best Gifts for Marvel Fans to Order Online

Best Gifts for Marvel Fans to Order Online

Best gifts for Marvel fans to order online

Find the best gifts for Marvel fans to order online!

Who isn’t fond of superheroes these days? The fact that people are huge fans of superheroes makes gift-giving so much easier.

Why? Because at Incredible Gift Shop, we have a special collection of gifts that’s great for comic book aficionados and  superhero fans. These are the ultimate gifts for him indeed.

Here are some of our best gifts for Marvel fans to order online:


Be a patriot like Captain America

America’s most-loved superhero is a favorite for a reason. He’s got his country’s colors right up his sleeve (and torso!), and he’s an inspiring icon indeed.

At Incredible Gift Shop, we have Captain America tees. These are cotton shirts with Captain America’s trademark star logo at the very front. Simple yet sends the message right.

Available in sizes up to XXL, these shirts are perfect for teens, dads, and men who are young-at-heart.

Crawl like Spider-Man

Not literally.

But donning a tee that looks exactly like Spidey’s suit will make the wearer feel like he’s the strongest man alive. That’s what Peter Parker felt, too, right?

Made with spandex, our Spider-Man shirts hug at the right places (just like how the real Spider-Man looks like with his outfit!). It’s also printed with the same, sleek cobweb design that’s great for casual days.

Available in sizes up to 4XL, you can give these shirts to all the special boys in your life!

Fight like Black Panther

Arguably the most underrated Avenger, the Black Panther has a pretty solid fan base.

We have clothes with the face of Black Panther, like shirts and hoodies. Our hoodies, to be specific, are made of a thick sweatshirt material. The full-color graphic design at the front is bold, stunning—just like the Black Panther himself.

Stay warm with our hoodies (these won’t be needed in Wakanda, though!). Although our apparel is not made with vibranium, it still does the job right!

Other comic book heroes

Other than Marvel, we have DC superheroes too! It’s hard to pick sides. Both worlds have created amazing super-personalities indeed.

At Incredible Gift Shop, we can’t possibly miss the quintessential face of DC, Superman. We also have shirts in another superhero design, Batman, who is another DC favorite. These are all cotton tees with graphic prints at the front.

For the super-ladies

But even women love comic books! And we make sure that you have something to give to your die-hard superhero female friends.

We have Wonder Woman shirts, but even women swoon over Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent—so we made sure we have Batman and Superman shirts for girls as well!

See? At Incredible Gift Shop, we have a gift for all the special people in your life. Whether you're looking for Marvel gifts for adults or teens, you'll find something here.

What’s even better is that you get free shipping if you’re ordering from Canada or USA.

We regularly add more incredible items, so make sure you stay tuned for the latest arrivals and awesome deals!

Come join us online at...

Come join us online at...

Come join us online at We are a unique gifts website offering a wide assorted of incredible gifts for everyone you love. #sharingiscaring Send a gift today with free delivery. Celebrate gifts for every occasion and find that perfect gift. Shop ladies gifts and gifts for me at bette than ever prices. So many random gifts to choose from. Earn rewards when you shop and save money on gifts at our online gift store. #incrediblegiftshop
Gift 🎁 shopping that’s super...

Gift 🎁 shopping that’s super...

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Best Affordable Watches Online Under 100

Best Affordable Watches Online Under 100

Best affordable watches online under 100

Get your hands on the best affordable watches online under 100 available in-store!

The yuletide season is fast approaching. Is it too early to start shopping for gifts? This is totally up to you. 

It’s never too early to start looking though, lest the ones you like might end up getting sold out.

While you’re at it, a watch is a great gift you can buy to a special person—so that’s something to consider. What’s even better is that the Incredible Gift Shop has some of the best affordable watches online under 100:

Leather watches

Leather watches are a classic. They are a staple.

With that said, you can’t have too many leather watches, so it’s a safe gift to give. 

At Incredible Gift Shop, we have an extensive collection of these: leather watches for men, women, even in unisex designs. 

If you think leather watches are boring, think again. Even if leather can be somewhat plain, the watch faces are embellished with pretty details like stones. They also come in a polished, shiny or matte finish—depending on the design.

Leather watches don’t have to be expensive. Our leather watches are vegan, which means it’s not sourced from animal hide. Fashion doesn’t have to be cruel, and we make sure of that.

Silicon watches

If you’re not into leather, you may consider silicon watches. We have plenty of silicon watches for women and men that can be worn on different occasions.

We have these in classic designs—plain, simple, but elegant in their own unassuming styles. These classic silicon watches are perfect for everyday wear.

But for more sophisticated days, we have silicon watches that don’t skimp on glamour. We have these embellished with intricate details and posh textures that will add personality to any outfit.


Go for smartwatches this year! More than just a time-telling piece, it’s a device packed with a variety of features.

No more delayed replies or tardy work days. A smartwatch is also a call and text reminder, an alarm clock, a step counter, a heart and sleep monitor—and so much more! Depending on the kind of smartwatch, there are tons more features that’ll make your life easier.

Are they expensive? Absolutely not! While it is electronic and a little higher-priced than typical analog watches, you’ll find durable smartwatches below 100 at Incredible Gift Shop.

Watch Gift Sets

Take your gift-giving to the next level with our exquisite watch gift sets. This is the perfect gift idea for special occasions like Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, or any day that calls for a celebration.

Other than a nice watch, you’ll get another accessory (like a bracelet) in one box. The set is enclosed in a box that’s ready for gift-giving. If you want to add a custom note, you can always indicate your message at checkout.

Watches are versatile, useful, and an exquisite fashion piece. If you can’t give one to others, why, you can always give one to yourself!

Stay tuned for more new releases soon!

Men’s Gift Ideas for 2019

Men’s Gift Ideas for 2019

Men's gift ideas

Find the best men’s gift ideas right here!

Men can be the most challenging people to give gifts to. While their needs and wants seem simple, gift-shopping can be quite confusing when you actually get there.

Will he like this? Will he even use this? What if he has something like this already?

So many what if’s, but that’s part of gift-shopping. Fortunately for you, the Incredible Gift Shop takes care of all your shopping woes.

We know how tough it is to find the best men’s gift ideas, so we’ve laid them all out for you right here:



When in doubt, choose a t-shirt. Or just about any piece of clothing, really.

Men love anything functional, anything that helps make their lives easier. The simpler, the better!

That’s why you can’t go wrong with clothes. All you have to do is know their size, and take your pick from our extensive selection of apparel.

We usually have what men need and want: basic tees, hoodies, collared shirts, and jackets. They come in various materials like cotton, denim, nylon, or a combination of these. You’ll find an assortment of designs, too—from plain, solid colors to plaid, formal, and statement tees. We also have tee-and-shorts sets.


Even men need some TLC for their skin.

Although the typical man will probably not pattern after women’s ultra-complicated skincare regimen, he will appreciate receiving something that reminds him to look after himself.

We have mud masks that are tough on impurities yet gentle on the skin. Giving him a mud mask is the perfect product to cap off a long day. The mask just has to be left off for about 10-15 minutes then rinsed afterwards.

We also have beard oil sets—the ultimate masculine gift! Our beard oils are invigorating, calming, and definitely beard-friendly. These make great gifts for husbands, too.

Gifts for work

For the busy dad, the working professional, or the man-on-the-go, you can give him anything that he can use at work. Or basically anything that makes his errands easier to accomplish.

Perhaps you can give him a smartwatch to help him keep track of time and calls? How about a bicycle multi-tool? Or a nice mug with a personalized message? Maybe a portable solar power bank for his occasional trips?

At Incredible Gift Shop, you won’t run out of options. Whatever it is that can make his day-to-day life easy to go through, it will never go unappreciated.

Just keep browsing our gift selections. We promise it will be a pleasant shopping experience. After all, orders from Canada and USA get free shipping!

But even if you’re not from these places, the shipping fees are still quite reasonable. No need to rush to the store, or fall in line, or get confused with all the gift options out there. Remember that in Incredible Gift Shop, we take out the difficult part in gift-shopping, and make it easy for you.