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Gifts with Free Shipping

Gifts with Free Shipping

gifts with free shipping

 Great News! Now you can order and send gifts with free shipping!

What’s cooking this week at the Incredible Gift Shop? Better and bolder gift options, but still the same perk: free shipping!

For all orders from USA and Canada, you’re entitled to buy your choice of gifts with free shipping. Check out these fresh dibs:

Camera Wall Clock ($49.99)

Who says clocks make boring gifts? 

Not this clock.

This unique timepiece is best for rustic, traditional homes, but even any modern-looking space will get an instant interior makeover. You won’t see numbers on the dial, but rather a big, almost sepia image of a vintage clock.

This is a useful gift that’s perfect for just about anyone. After all, we all live somewhere and we need a functional time-teller to help us get through the day.

This wall clock comes in a durable Plexiglas crystal face with a backside hook for quick hanging and measures 10” in diameter and 1.75” in thickness.

Choose between black or white frames and black or white hands. Buying this gift also includes 1 AA battery.

Polaroll Retro Camera Tissue ($42.75)

Can’t get enough of cameras? You’ll like this one.

It’s not a camera, but it’s a cool novelty gift to give to a friend. It’s a tissue holder, but it’s nothing like the plain, ordinary tissue holders we normally see. It is stylishly shaped like a vintage camera, so this may well be any toilet’s focal point!

It has two tiny wall anchors for easy installation. To refill, simply put the tissue roll into the space where the photos would normally slide out.

Donut Mug ($39.95)

Steer clear from the common, plain mug. It is perhaps one of the least liked gifts of all time—but not this mug.

At first glance, you’ll think it’s a figurine of some sort, maybe even a pen holder. While it can certainly be a desktop decor and a receptacle for all your pens, it’s got one more purpose—and it’ll make sipping tea a lot more interesting.

Made with quality ceramic material, it’s shaped and designed exactly like a chocolate donut with rainbow sprinkles. Hot or cold, it holds up to 400 ml of liquid. It’s unsuspecting yet functional, which is why it’s an amazing gift for anyone.

Available in two colors (brown, pink). You can buy this along with other gifts for free shipping.

Abraham Lincoln Wall Clock ($49.99)

The Incredible Gift Shop can’t get enough of wall clocks! And if you’re not fond of giving clocks, perhaps this one can convince you. 

Just like other clocks in the online shop, it is made of a tough kind of Plexiglas crystal material to protect the dial, as well as a backside hook to make it easy to hang.

But the most eye-catching feature is the design. It’s got no numbers, but only an appealing caricature of one of America’s greatest heroes, Abraham Lincoln. It has a retro-mod vibe that would brighten any home or office.

This wall clock is available in white or black frames and white or black hands. It measures 10” in diameter and 1.75” in height. Includes 1 AA battery upon purchase.

But these are not just the only selections in the Incredible Gift Shop. There are several other amazing gifts with free shipping. If you’re ordering from USA or Canada, all you have to do is check them out.

We offer Incredible Gifts with Free Shipping on all Canada and the USA orders

We offer Incredible Gifts with Free Shipping on all Canada and the USA orders

gifts with free shipping

There’s nothing like an online gift finder to help you with your gift shopping. Looking for gifts may take hours when you’re out and about.

At Incredible Gift Shop, we take out the time and effort in the gift shopping equation. Everything can be easily accessed. And the best part? We offer gifts with free shipping for all Canada and USA orders for free! That’s an awesome bonus.

Here are some of the new gift options at Incredible Gift Shop:

Ice Cream Lovers Clock ($42.99)

If you can’t take the summer heat, this bold, graphic clock will remind you to cool down.

The design is an eye-catching display of color, reminiscent of the 1960s pop art culture. This makes a great gift for homemakers or just about anyone planning to redecorate their home. This artsy clock will make a fantastic focal point and will add a lot of personality to any home or office.

Available in white or black frame, this clock measures 10” in diameter with a durable acrylic crystal face. There’s a hook at the back for easy wall-hanging, too. Battery included.

Abstract Street Graphic Red Blue Yellow Art Frame ($49.95)

Nothing like a nice painting to spice up any room. If you know someone who needs a quick home fix, this is the best gift to give.

For an abstract painting with only 4 colors, this sure does give life to any space. There’s no need to buy expensive paintings as this one will do the job exceptionally.

Framed in solid, gesso-coated wood, the molding has a smooth finish and a rich color that complements the painting itself. The print is made with shatterproof acrylic, and an acid-free cover at the back of the frame gives a nice finish.

Oh My Gosh, Marilyn Monroe Cover ($24.95)

Still can’t get enough of pop art? Give this gift to pay homage to one of Hollywood’s most iconic women, and let them take Marilyn Monroe everywhere they go.

This attractive mobile cover comes in a hard plastic case but without the bulk. Featuring an ultra-slim profile, it doesn't scrimp on durability. There’s also easy access to buttons, ports, and controls.

Fits most phones from Samsung (including the Galaxy line), HTC, and iPhone.

Elephant Wireless Quick Charger ($59.95)

Anyone who owns a smartphone knows how inconvenient it is to bring a cord, power bank, or the whole charging unit just in case of a dead battery.

Fear no more—this handy-dandy wireless quick charger saves any day, and it’s one of the best gifts you can give to anyone. Just make sure the smartphone to be used for this charger is compatible for wireless charging.

Available in black or white, the whole thing is designed in a sleek fashion to make it look like an elephant. Made of high-quality plastic, phones with wireless charging features from Apple and Samsung will work on this. Enclosed in a box, the wireless also comes with a USB cable.


So many choices, but which gift to give? Did we say free shipping for all orders from Canada and the USA? No matter how big or low the price is, this is one perk you enjoy when shopping at Incredible Gift Shop.