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Introducing IGS, A Unique Gift Ideas Website for Everyone

Introducing IGS, A Unique Gift Ideas Website for Everyone

unique gift ideas website

 Welcome to a Unique Gift Ideas Website we all can enjoy!

Gift-giving will never go out of style. While different trends in gift-giving come and go, the act itself is an evergreen practice that dates back to pre-civilization age.

As human emotions don’t evolve, it makes sense that gift-giving is one of the most ancient human activities that serves a sincere purpose: to show gratitude, express affection, or display love.

One trend that our ancestors will never have imagined is shopping for gifts without physically seeing, touching, or buying them. At their time it may sound unfounded, but the 21st century is all about convenience and technology.

Now, we see different kinds of unique gift ideas website, but the Incredible Gift Shop is one that online gift store that you can’t miss checking out.

Choose from extensive yet streamlined gift selections

We offer only the best, unique kinds of gifts for the most special people in your life.

At the Incredible Gift Shop, you’ll see that gifts are organized in categories: Gifts for Her, Gifts for Him, Birthday Gifts, Funny Gifts, Gifts for Mom, Gifts for Dad, Gifts for Kids, even Gifts for Pet Lovers—and many more.

Because we know how time-consuming it is to shop for gifts, all gift options in the Incredible Gift Shop are categorized for your convenience.

Get free shipping on all orders from USA & Canada

What’s not to love with free shipping? It’s an awesome deal, and if you’re ordering from USA or Canada, then you’re automatically eligible for this perk.

Even if you’re not buying from USA or Canada, the shipping fee is still affordable and is calculated according to the address. If you want further save on costs, you can choose to have your gifts delivered to the recipient directly!

Become a part of the Incredible Gift Shop community

It’s not just an online gift store, but a thriving online community, too. You’ll get excellent customer service and prompt support from different channels—e-mail or on-site contact form. 

You’ll also find our social media pages from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, so you can get the latest updates and snag the best deals.

You also have the option to sign up for our regular newsletter for the latest news, offers, and styles.

Join the affiliate program

Did you know that you can earn as much as $250 a week by sharing our products online?

You can be an incredible Gift Shop Brand Ambassador, and while you’re at it, you’ll earn money in your free time. Even just 30 minutes of working makes a huge difference.

You’ll be given your own affiliate account, where you can share the gift options to your social media accounts. When someone buys something from our unique gift ideas website, you get paid, too! 

The more purchases made, the more you earn—so keep on sharing. Registering as an affiliate is completely free.

As the premium unique gift ideas website, you won’t get disappointed with the options and perks at the Incredible Gift Shop. Do check out our site more often for the latest news and offers.

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Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is just around the corner. This holiday has been celebrated for many decades, and sometimes gifts can be redundant.

Fathers provide food for the table, build a roof over our heads, guide us in all ways possible—they are awesome people. This coming Father’s Day, what could be the best gift we can give to all the superdads in our life?

2019 is all about meaning and acknowledging individuality. Every dad is different, and here are some of the best and most unique gifts for fathers you can give:


The busy dad

The father is almost always the working parent of the two. Your dad may be busy, and sometimes you wish you get to spend more quality time together.

Help pops to get stuff off his plate by giving him a stylish calendar for his workstation, a smart alarm clock, or a durable work lamp—anything that will help him accomplish his tasks and beat deadlines.

The adventurous dad

Your dad loves the beach, the mountains, the trails, or the forest. He loves to run, surf, bike, or camp. He adores the outdoors and loves rugged living.

What better way to support your dad’s hobbies than giving him something that’s just what he needs? There are a lot of gift ideas for Father's Day 2019, and the adventurous dad is one of the easiest to please. A set of foldable utensils, a waterproof wet bag, or a sports headscarf—these may be simple gifts for him, but these are very useful for whatever sport or hobby.

The jet-setting dad

The jet-setting father is all for traveling whether for business or pleasure. For his travels, it’s best to him something convenient, useful, and safe.

To start, you can give him a collapsible water bottle, a quick-dry, ultralight towel, or a cable organizer The key is to give him anything lightweight, so bulky gifts are a definite no-no.

The techie dad

This dad loves anything innovative. Gadgets sure are expensive compared to other gifts, but you don't have to give a smartwatch if it's over your budget (but keep an eye on Father's Day specials—you may find a great steal!).

A set of smart plugs (that transform any ordinary home gadget or appliance into a smart one), a wireless charger stand, or noise-canceling Bluetooth earphone—these are definitely tech dad-approved.

The devoted dad

Sure, all dads love their families, but the devoted dad is doting, affectionate, and treasures the simple things in life. He may be a hopeless romantic who digs classical music, a homebody who cooks the best dishes, or the dad-next-door who looks after the whole house.

A set of gardening tools, a comfy T-shirt, or even an electric razor—these are heartwarming gifts for the sweet dad.


What Father's Day gifts 2019 do you have in mind? You can start shopping at The Incredible Gift Shop, the go-to place for all gifts novel and unique.

The History of Father's Day

The History of Father's Day

Fathers are awesome people, and they deserve to be treated extra special—so much that every year, one day is dedicated to honoring them.

Father’s Day is celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of June in each year, but some countries celebrate it at a different month like March in Portugal and Spain, and May in South Korea.

Regardless of this difference, this is the perfect time to shop for gifts for fathers, but behind the popularity of this day is quite a colorful history.

What do you know about how this lovely day started out in the early times? Let’s look back to what history tells us about how Father’s Day became known as it is today:

Father’s Day dates back to the Middle Ages

So how did they honor fathers during the medieval times?

At this period, the celebration of fatherhood was observed on March 19 in Europe, the feast day of Saint Joseph who is known as the foster father of Jesus Christ. Religion was a major power in the Middle Ages, so we can say that Catholic Europe has influenced the celebration of fatherhood at some level.

The Spanish and Portuguese eventually brought the celebration of the Americas, eventually observing it in June. Since then, many countries have followed suit.

Father’s Day became a national holiday in 1972

Washington had been officially celebrating Father’s Day since 1910, and its popularity spread to different states in the US.

This was after a woman named Sonora Smart Dodd moved to honor fathers in her hometown in Washington. She was raised by her single father—with all 5 of her siblings. As the world celebrates mothers, she thought the same honor should be given to fathers.

However, it was only until 1972 when President Richard Nixon officially declared it as a national holiday. Gifts for him at this point, along with the peak of American pop culture of the 1970s, became immensely popular.

Father’s Day almost became ‘Parent’s Day’ 

It sure was a long wait for Father’s Day to become a federal holiday. But did you know that in the 1920s, there was a large-scale attempt to wipe out not just Father’s Day, but Mother’s Day as well—and make it ‘Parent’s Day’ instead?

Some argue that it’s no more than a commercial gimmick. But people still celebrate it, and they’re happy anyway. It complements Mother’s Day, Grandparents Day, and other special occasions, so we see no reason why fathers should be left out.

Today, Father’s Day is widely celebrated. Wives, sons, and daughters drink toasts to their father’s health. What Father’s Day gifts 2019 could be the best choice for our special men?

You’re probably thinking about honoring the fathers in your life by giving them special gifts. The size, quantity, or price doesn’t matter, and your father or partner surely won’t mind. You know what they say about gifts—it’s the thought that counts. Start with these cool gift ideas for Father’s Day 2019 that you can find from The Incredible Gift Shop.
3 Top Mother's Day Gift Ideas for 2019

3 Top Mother's Day Gift Ideas for 2019

Mothers are the best kind of people in the world. They love unconditionally, work so hard, and bring out the best in their children. They do all these while sacrificing so much—without asking for anything in return.

This upcoming Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show amazing women how much they are appreciated. This is the best time to give gifts for mothers.

Wondering what the best gifts for her are the trend this year? As a symbol of your love and care for all the great mothers you know, have a look at these suggestions for mothers day gifts.


Clothes are every woman’s staple. Giving clothes is a very personal gesture, often symbolizing that you know the person very well.

A statement t-shirt is a fun gift idea. This quirky and bold shirt that spells “SUPERMOM” can be worn on casual occasions—perfect for moms who are always on the go! They also add spunk to any simple outfit.

For moms who love to sweat out, giving workout clothes for yoga and gym accessories are practical gifts for mothers. If your mother loves doing yoga, you can give her a nice yoga mat to pair with a yoga shirt-and-pants set.

Meanwhile, you can add this chic boho scarf that will add oomph to any outfit. If you’re not sure of the shirt size, giving a pretty scarf that can be worn in many ways is a great idea, too.


Ah, jewelry—definitely one of the most exquisite gift ideas for Mother’s Day 2019!

Actually, it is one of the best gifts of all times. Jewelry is as timeless as any mother’s beauty and love.

If you want to emphasize elegance and beauty, give a lovely necklace with a beautiful pendant such as this teardrop necklace plated in 18k white gold. This is perfect for mothers who embody the true meaning of wisdom and experience, such as your grandmother, mother, or wife.

You can never go wrong in giving a nice pair of pearl earrings, too. There’s something about pearls that make any woman stand out, and every mother deserves to be recognized. This is perfect for new moms!

For a more casual accessory, a charm bangle will make any mother happy. This is less expensive than fine jewelry with stones or crystals, but it is equally thoughtful. Bangles are a versatile accessory and can be worn for both day and evening wear.

For the boho chic momma, give this unique love bracelet with quirky charms. These add a lot of personality to any look which will never come unappreciated.


Planning to give a smartwatch? That’s a very smart idea indeed.

Smartwatches are the trend this year, as we see more and more people use it for various purposes—and moms are no exception! Actually, mothers need it more than anyone else.

This sporty smartwatch has a simple, casual design that can be worn as an everyday accessory. It prompts incoming calls, detects heart rate and blood oxygen, monitors blood pressure, counts steps, monitors sleep, counts calories and measures distance—definitely every mom’s must-have.

What else are the best gifts for her? To make your gift more meaningful, you can add this kid tracker smartwatch. That’s right—this is a watch used by kids but made for moms. This effectively tracks a child’s location through GPS which eases the unnecessary worry. Give this to any mother and it will be deeply appreciated.

Mothers Day Gift Ideas for 2019

Gift Baskets for Easter Make Perfect Gifts

Gift Baskets for Easter Make Perfect Gifts

Easter is fast approaching, and it’s a wonderful to celebrate with family and friends. Other than the traditional ham and hot cross buns generously laid out on the table, gift-giving is associated with Easter.

But what’s the perfect gift to give during Easter? Not just any ordinary gift—add some personality to the usual Easter gift baskets with these awesome ideas:

12 Tea Sampler, Loose Leaf Tea Gift Set

This is a versatile gift basket that can be given to anyone—your favorite aunt, your highschool teacher, your next-door neighbor, or your closest friend.

This set contains 12 fancy tins filled with a wide variety of tea leaves. Your loved ones can enjoy choosing from cinnamon rooibos chai, Earl Grey, Japanese sencha, ginger, and many more flavorful blends.

You can even add a nice mug to personalize the gift basket. This tea gift set is inexpensive yet exquisite and useful. After all, who doesn’t like a hot cup of tea every now and then?

Chocolate Lovers Gourmet Gift Basket

Ah, chocolates! Who can ever resist a very sweet gift?

Setting aside the pun, you can never go wrong with chocolate gift baskets for Easter. It’s a gift that doesn’t go out of season. It’s popular all-year round.

This is perfect for someone really special, like a family that’s close to your heart. You know the ones you grew up with on Sunday  brunches and holiday dinners? Giving the whole family this large gift basket full of chocolates represents how they mean to you.

This is a supersize gourmet gift basket that holds 17 exquisite chocolate treats from famous chocolatiers like Lindt, Hawaiian Host and Epicure. There’s definitely one for everyone.


Candy Gift Basket

Kids love gifts as much as adults, too. In fact, they’re the perfect people to give gifts to. Anything you give will never go unappreciated.

But of course, children deserve special gifts, too. This candy gift basket contains every child’s favorite sweet treat. Imagine sour gummies, chocolate and gourmet popcorn in one Easter basket—even adults can’t resist these.

The best thing about giving an Easter gift basket is that it is a personalized gift that doesn’t cost a fortune. Everything is in there already. It’s like 10 gifts into one, but you only pay for a small price.

Luxury Spa Gift Basket

Now for the ladies—what could possibly be the best gift to give for Easter?

This luxurious spa gift basket is a wonderful idea that never goes out of style. It’s versatile, fancy and useful. Give it to your girlfriend, wife, mother, grandmother, sister—no woman will turn this down.

This gift set contains all shower essentials in one basket. This has a shower gel, bubble bath, bath salt, body scrub, bath bombs, sponge, cosmetic bag and a gold tub. These are not just ordinary products, too. These are all-natural, paraben-free and are not tested on animals.

There are many other Easter gift sets available at IncredibleGiftShop. You can see a wide selection of gift baskets free delivery in the USA and Canada, which is an awesome promotion.