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Birthday Gift Ideas for 2019

Birthday Gift Ideas for 2019

Is someone about to blow a birthday candle soon? Let’s take a look at the best gift ideas for 2019.

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Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is just around the corner. This holiday has been celebrated for many decades, and sometimes gifts can be redundant.

Fathers provide food for the table, build a roof over our heads, guide us in all ways possible—they are awesome people. This coming Father’s Day, what could be the best gift we can give to all the superdads in our life?

2019 is all about meaning and acknowledging individuality. Every dad is different, and here are some of the best and most unique gifts for fathers you can give:


The busy dad

The father is almost always the working parent of the two. Your dad may be busy, and sometimes you wish you get to spend more quality time together.

Help pops to get stuff off his plate by giving him a stylish calendar for his workstation, a smart alarm clock, or a durable work lamp—anything that will help him accomplish his tasks and beat deadlines.

The adventurous dad

Your dad loves the beach, the mountains, the trails, or the forest. He loves to run, surf, bike, or camp. He adores the outdoors and loves rugged living.

What better way to support your dad’s hobbies than giving him something that’s just what he needs? There are a lot of gift ideas for Father's Day 2019, and the adventurous dad is one of the easiest to please. A set of foldable utensils, a waterproof wet bag, or a sports headscarf—these may be simple gifts for him, but these are very useful for whatever sport or hobby.

The jet-setting dad

The jet-setting father is all for traveling whether for business or pleasure. For his travels, it’s best to him something convenient, useful, and safe.

To start, you can give him a collapsible water bottle, a quick-dry, ultralight towel, or a cable organizer The key is to give him anything lightweight, so bulky gifts are a definite no-no.

The techie dad

This dad loves anything innovative. Gadgets sure are expensive compared to other gifts, but you don't have to give a smartwatch if it's over your budget (but keep an eye on Father's Day specials—you may find a great steal!).

A set of smart plugs (that transform any ordinary home gadget or appliance into a smart one), a wireless charger stand, or noise-canceling Bluetooth earphone—these are definitely tech dad-approved.

The devoted dad

Sure, all dads love their families, but the devoted dad is doting, affectionate, and treasures the simple things in life. He may be a hopeless romantic who digs classical music, a homebody who cooks the best dishes, or the dad-next-door who looks after the whole house.

A set of gardening tools, a comfy T-shirt, or even an electric razor—these are heartwarming gifts for the sweet dad.


What Father's Day gifts 2019 do you have in mind? You can start shopping at The Incredible Gift Shop, the go-to place for all gifts novel and unique.

The History of Father's Day

The History of Father's Day

Fathers are awesome people, and they deserve to be treated extra special—so much that every year, one day is dedicated to honoring them.

Father’s Day is celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of June in each year, but some countries celebrate it at a different month like March in Portugal and Spain, and May in South Korea.

Regardless of this difference, this is the perfect time to shop for gifts for fathers, but behind the popularity of this day is quite a colorful history.

What do you know about how this lovely day started out in the early times? Let’s look back to what history tells us about how Father’s Day became known as it is today:

Father’s Day dates back to the Middle Ages

So how did they honor fathers during the medieval times?

At this period, the celebration of fatherhood was observed on March 19 in Europe, the feast day of Saint Joseph who is known as the foster father of Jesus Christ. Religion was a major power in the Middle Ages, so we can say that Catholic Europe has influenced the celebration of fatherhood at some level.

The Spanish and Portuguese eventually brought the celebration of the Americas, eventually observing it in June. Since then, many countries have followed suit.

Father’s Day became a national holiday in 1972

Washington had been officially celebrating Father’s Day since 1910, and its popularity spread to different states in the US.

This was after a woman named Sonora Smart Dodd moved to honor fathers in her hometown in Washington. She was raised by her single father—with all 5 of her siblings. As the world celebrates mothers, she thought the same honor should be given to fathers.

However, it was only until 1972 when President Richard Nixon officially declared it as a national holiday. Gifts for him at this point, along with the peak of American pop culture of the 1970s, became immensely popular.

Father’s Day almost became ‘Parent’s Day’ 

It sure was a long wait for Father’s Day to become a federal holiday. But did you know that in the 1920s, there was a large-scale attempt to wipe out not just Father’s Day, but Mother’s Day as well—and make it ‘Parent’s Day’ instead?

Some argue that it’s no more than a commercial gimmick. But people still celebrate it, and they’re happy anyway. It complements Mother’s Day, Grandparents Day, and other special occasions, so we see no reason why fathers should be left out.

Today, Father’s Day is widely celebrated. Wives, sons, and daughters drink toasts to their father’s health. What Father’s Day gifts 2019 could be the best choice for our special men?

You’re probably thinking about honoring the fathers in your life by giving them special gifts. The size, quantity, or price doesn’t matter, and your father or partner surely won’t mind. You know what they say about gifts—it’s the thought that counts. Start with these cool gift ideas for Father’s Day 2019 that you can find from The Incredible Gift Shop.
10 Best Gifts for Him

10 Best Gifts for Him

gifts for him


10  Best Gifts for Him

It happens every year: February kicks in, and you realize you ought to give something important to the men in your life.

This Valentine’s Day, surprise them with simple, practical and memorable things. Men love fuss-free convenience, so giving them something that’s exactly like that will make them appreciate you even more.

Here’s a helpful compilation of the best gifts for him:

  1. Watch

Definitely the go-to gift for a young bachelor, a busy dad, or an A-list boyfriend. Giving a watch is an excellent idea. The options are virtually endless—from the price, brand, color, material to design—watches are practically everywhere and easy to buy.

  1. T-shirts

Perhaps the most versatile presents you can ever give to men, T-shirts are well-loved by the male community. Known to love anything comfortable, men will like a soft, simple tee that they can wear anywhere—but a dressy type won’t go unappreciated, either!

  1. Gloves

Got a rock-climber boyfriend? Or a gym buff for a dad? How about a friend who loves to hike? To make sure you give the best gifts for him, know his specific sport and get him a nice pair of gloves to use.

  1. Backpacks

What makes great gifts for boyfriends—specifically the adventurous ones? You can’t definitely go wrong with backpacks, since the choices are vast. There are backpacks for hiking, running, cycling—whatever sport your boyfriend loves, you won’t have a hard time finding a suitable bag for him.

  1. Journal and pen

For a husband who has too much on his plate, a journal and pen are the perfect gifts for him. This is a refreshing change from journal apps that most of this generation is accustomed to. To make gifts for husbands extra special, write a dedication on the journal or have his name engraved on the pen.

  1. Towels

You can’t go wrong with towels, too. You’ll be surprised how men will appreciate this underrated gift. Face towels, hand towels, bath towels—many of these come amazingly cheap. Buy these in packs so your man can get the best of all kinds.

  1. Socks

A man can never own too many socks. For a change, you can choose socks with flamboyant designs and funky styles. Even professionals will love wearing vivid socks beneath their crisp suits.

  1. Car organizer

This is useful especially for men with kids. So even if you can’t actually help them with cleaning the car, you’re giving them a huge favor by just simply putting their things in the car organizer.

  1. Grooming set

This is a classy gift, and is perfect for gifting men from teenagers to the older ones. You can give a grooming set for a very special person, so it’s one of the best gifts for boyfriends, husbands, grandfathers and sons.

  1. Cologne

Ah, let’s not forget the cute, cuddle-worthy little boys that bring joy to our lives. If you’d like to veer away from the usual toys and clothing, give your little man a mild, natural cologne.