Most Popular Gifts for Women

Most Popular Gifts for Women


Women love receiving gifts. On special occasions and ordinary days, any gift given is a gift well-appreciated. As a symbol of your appreciation, affection, love, or loyalty, giving a gift cements any relationship.

Gift-giving trends always change. There are timeless ones, while there are those that come and go. For 2019, what can we expect? Here are the best gift ideas for women this 2019:

For the doting mother 

She is affectionate, caring, and devoted to her family. She is a master of the kitchen, garden, and rooms—your mom deserves the finest arsenal to keep the house a happy and clean home.

2019 is all about convenience and minimalism. A rustic cheese board, a robot vacuum cleaner, or a family photo framed in recycled material—anything useful for the household and the whole family is a wonderful gift for a beloved mom. 

Meanwhile, some of the best gifts for wives may be her favorite fragrance, a bouquet of fresh flowers, or a classy piece of jewelry.

For the active woman

She is the fitness fanatic and the most health-conscious woman you ever know. The exercise buff, the active spirit—you have plenty of options as gifts for her.

We see a lot of emphasis on health and fitness this year. An exercise mat, yoga pants, or a smartwatch and fitness tracker—these are some of the gifts that are useful for the active woman.

For the jet-setter

She is the frequent traveler, the girl who may be the hardest to keep up. Oftentimes, she’s also the easiest to please when it comes to gifts—but you have to take consideration of her many travels and journeys.

There is a massive spread of tourism on a global scale, and 2019 opens the doors for more opportunities for travel. You can’t go wrong with a customized passport cover (pair it with a handy pen!), a pair of warm socks, or a travel organizer—anything lightweight makes the perfect gift for the jet-setter lady.

For the busy bee

She is the workaholic, the boss lady with a lot on her plate, but still without a hair out of place. How does she do it? Time management and discipline do the trick, and you can certainly give her something that will keep her schedule uninterrupted.

Whether in technology or everyday living, we see a lot of advancements in 2019. A wireless power bank (with a high capacity!), a spacious tote bag, or even a voucher at her favorite shopping center—the busy bee loves anything that will make her run errands conveniently and with style. These make amazing gifts for girlfriends who are always on-the-go.

For the simple lady

She is the no-fuss, straightforward, and humble person living an uncomplicated life. Most women you know are probably fickle with some qualms, but not the simple lady you admire. She values comfort over style, would prefer to stay home than outside, and is oftentimes introverted yet very appreciative.

She’s also the easiest person to please with gifts. From an exquisite piece such as a pendant necklace to a cozy item such as a fleece blanket, you’re sure to receive a million thanks. If she’s celebrating her birthday, one of the best birthday gifts for women like her is a simple chocolate cake—and you get to eat it with her, too!

Whatever gift you choose, you can find one at Incredible Gift Shop. From classy pieces to quirky novelties, you can’t go wrong with their selections that won’t break the bank.

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