Best Watches Under 50

Best Watches Under 50

best watches under 50

Grab the best watches under 50 now!

Watches are the most extraordinary accessory ever created. They’re time-telling trinkets that have stood the test of time—and they’re definitely here to stay.

While anyone can buy a watch, isn’t it more meaningful if it’s bought as a gift?

You don’t even have to buy the most expensive one. Thinking of getting a watch for a special someone? You came to the right place.

At Incredible Gift Shop, here are the best watches under 50:

For the ladies

Make your lady swoon with our collection of watches for women in 2019.

Elegant, classy, and versatile—these watches can be worn while dressed up or down. It’s the perfect accessory every woman must have.

At Incredible Gift Shop, we have watches in different materials (stainless steel, silicon, alloy, or leather), embellished with various details (crystals, rhinestones, or glitter). They come in pretty colors like ombre and rose gold, but we have the classic solid colors too.

If you want to up your gift-giving, we also have watch sets for women—all under $50, too! No need to burn your pockets for more expensive ones. Our watch gift sets have the same luxury feel, same quality—but at a fraction of a price.

For the gentlemen

Every gentleman needs his watch. And you can get it here at Incredible Gift Shop.

This is one of the best gifts for dads. Even for husbands, brothers, boyfriends, or your most VIP client—you can’t go wrong with a nice watch.

We have a variety of styles perfect for every masculine profile. We have sports watches, leather watches, and stainless steel watches. 

Like our ladies’ watches collection, we also have watch sets for men if you want to give more oomph to the occasion.

For the teens

Incredible Gift Shop also has watches for teenagers!

Our ladies’ watches can also be worn by teenagers, and so are our men’s watches. Make sure you have the wrist measurement first before placing an order. In any event, it’s a gift that’s for keeps—one that they can wear forever until they grow old.

We know how trendy teenagers can be, so you may want to check out our smart watches, too. These are waterproof and power-saving—definitely a clumsy-proof accessory for any youngster.

On top of that, our smartwatches are loaded with awesome features like heart and sleep monitor, alarm clock, call and message reminder, data synchronization, and many more.


We also have vegan watches in Canada (100% sustainable and cruelty-free leather!), digital sports watches, and watch/bracelet sets. You can also add gifts from other categories, such as personalized gifts or funny gifts—totally up to you. You’ll never run out of choices at Incredible Gift Shop.

And if you’re ordering from Canada or USA, you get free shipping, too!

Don’t forget to stay tuned at Incredible Gift Shop. Keep checking for the latest offers, promotions, and new arrivals!

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