Best Watches Under 100

Best Watches Under 100

Watches under 100

Shop the finest watches under 100!

Gift-giving can be somewhat stressful sometimes, most especially if you’re running low on time. And then there’s the perennial problem of thinking about what to give.

When you’re in front of so many things for sale, you feel like you’re caught in a standstill.

Let’s not forget one thing that stands the test of time: a watch. Quite literally.

Its earliest prototype was produced in the 15th century, and has evolved from a simple time-telling device to a daily necessity and ultimately a status symbol.

But watches don’t have to be expensive! The Incredible Gift Shop makes sure of that. In our online shop, you’ll find the best kinds of watches under 100:

Watches for men

We’ll start with watches for the dear men in our lives. Often described as more difficult to please when it comes to gifts, men will truly appreciate a nice watch. 

At Incredible Gift Shop, we have sports watches for the adventurous thrill-seekers. We also have formal watches for special occasions, and of course we sell our own version of the classic watch—the everyday watch that’s simple yet does the job.

Depending on the type, watches for men 2019 come in different movements and materials. 

Watches for women

Women swoon over gifts, and you can’t go wrong with watches for the ladies.

Incredible Gift Shop has a lot of options for women’s watches that can be worn even by teenagers.

We have classic ladies’ watches and watches studded with diamonds and crystals. We also have sporty watches in cute colors and watches with intricate details.

Available in different movements, colors, and materials, you won’t have a hard time choosing the perfect watch to give to your mom, wife, sister, or girlfriend.


Smartwatches are the trend this 2019! And it’ll probably linger on for a long while, considering how convenient and time-saving it is.

Smartwatches 2019 typically gender-neutral with a modern, sophisticated look, so you can buy these anytime in advance and give them to special people when the time comes. With that said, smartwatches are perfect for busy people: students, working parents, and people who love to multi-task.

Other than being a call and message reminder, our smartwatches are also built with a heart and sleep tracker, sedentary monitor, and a box full of other features that make it truly ‘smart’.

Vegan watches

Part of the 2019 trends is being eco-friendly. 

While you can’t bring yourself to be fully vegan, it’s great to support businesses who make sustainable options to genuine, animal-sourced leather. With that said, genuine leather is always more expensive.

People are now preferring cruelty-free options, which are cheaper and more environment-friendly—and that’s where our vegan watches enter.

Our vegan watches are guaranteed plant-based, with absolutely no trace of animal products. 100% no animals harmed!


We can’t seem to finish describing all our watches under 100. Our extensive watch selection says it all. Go check it out at Incredible Gift Shop, and make your first purchase!

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