Best Affordable Watches Online Under 100

Best Affordable Watches Online Under 100

Best affordable watches online under 100

Get your hands on the best affordable watches online under 100 available in-store!

The yuletide season is fast approaching. Is it too early to start shopping for gifts? This is totally up to you. 

It’s never too early to start looking though, lest the ones you like might end up getting sold out.

While you’re at it, a watch is a great gift you can buy to a special person—so that’s something to consider. What’s even better is that the Incredible Gift Shop has some of the best affordable watches online under 100:

Leather watches

Leather watches are a classic. They are a staple.

With that said, you can’t have too many leather watches, so it’s a safe gift to give. 

At Incredible Gift Shop, we have an extensive collection of these: leather watches for men, women, even in unisex designs. 

If you think leather watches are boring, think again. Even if leather can be somewhat plain, the watch faces are embellished with pretty details like stones. They also come in a polished, shiny or matte finish—depending on the design.

Leather watches don’t have to be expensive. Our leather watches are vegan, which means it’s not sourced from animal hide. Fashion doesn’t have to be cruel, and we make sure of that.

Silicon watches

If you’re not into leather, you may consider silicon watches. We have plenty of silicon watches for women and men that can be worn on different occasions.

We have these in classic designs—plain, simple, but elegant in their own unassuming styles. These classic silicon watches are perfect for everyday wear.

But for more sophisticated days, we have silicon watches that don’t skimp on glamour. We have these embellished with intricate details and posh textures that will add personality to any outfit.


Go for smartwatches this year! More than just a time-telling piece, it’s a device packed with a variety of features.

No more delayed replies or tardy work days. A smartwatch is also a call and text reminder, an alarm clock, a step counter, a heart and sleep monitor—and so much more! Depending on the kind of smartwatch, there are tons more features that’ll make your life easier.

Are they expensive? Absolutely not! While it is electronic and a little higher-priced than typical analog watches, you’ll find durable smartwatches below 100 at Incredible Gift Shop.

Watch Gift Sets

Take your gift-giving to the next level with our exquisite watch gift sets. This is the perfect gift idea for special occasions like Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, or any day that calls for a celebration.

Other than a nice watch, you’ll get another accessory (like a bracelet) in one box. The set is enclosed in a box that’s ready for gift-giving. If you want to add a custom note, you can always indicate your message at checkout.

Watches are versatile, useful, and an exquisite fashion piece. If you can’t give one to others, why, you can always give one to yourself!

Stay tuned for more new releases soon!

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